Although recent on the market, the passion for the designers' footwear has been imposed for a long time ago. Born in a family that has been in the footwear business for about four decades, Lemoke works everyday to showcase its individuality through its designs and comfort.
The starting point was picking one of the most iconic shoe model in history: the moccasin and study several ways of differentiating it. After taking this model as the trademark inspiration for each collection, Lemoke then started to explore and bend boundaries into other creations, like Loafers and Sneakers.
Their ongoing drive to create beautiful shoes is accompanied by thorough methodologies, from design to production (which is in-house), that allows them to strictly oversee the entire process and ensure that quality is never compromised. Through a unique merge of traditional craftsmanship techniques and innovative design, they aim to deliver contemporary shoes with a classic reference for the modern, sophisticated man. 
At Lemoke, they believe that it is not just about building a brand in honor of their ancestors, but to rather provide the 5th generation of shoe lovers with an indistinguishable identity.
For them, Minty Square represents portuguese fashion, whose style and creativity fit on Lemoke's concept: "We believe in love and shoes"