For this SS18 collection Nobrand travels through its legacy, reinventing what once was already reinvented and mixing the past and the future.
You can cleary see the influences from first collection on the four models that are permanent in every collection, however with a new approach to them.
The "travel", the most exuberant one with incredible details and vivid leather tones that remind us of the old suitcases. The "sand and dust" the typical nobrand boots with an antique look. The "sun" model, where the pierced leather stands out and finally, the "marine" for the most conservative customers with a minimalistic approach.
Mother Nature and the Nature of the brand are the core of this collection - soft suede and washed skins that feature carved, overlapping shapes with different finishes and the exuberant color palette ranging from maritime tones to light pastel and, in some moments, vibrant tropical touches.

Prepare yourself to see this wonderful collection!