Lutreet was dreamed in Milano, born in Chicago and is made in Porto. As Teresa Costa Sousa, Lutreet’s founder, told us in an interview, these are the brand’s three embracing roots.

How would you define the aesthetics of Lutreet?

TCS: The aesthetics of Lutreet will be in continuous and constant mutation. Right now, the aesthetic affirms itself "clean", with a minimalist twist and a feminine trait.

What is the the brand’s target?

TCS: Women – those who don't care about the age and live young, free and happy.

Why the sneaker-sandal? What led you to work with this specific shoe model?

TCS: I wanted to mix feminine and minimalist sneakers with this sneaker-sandal model. I used one pair and immediately became a fan.

Where did the inspiration for the collection “The Boulevard Edition” come from?

TCS: From California, Californian women and the Cali Lifestyle.

How do you review Lutreet's entry on Minty Square?

TCS: It increases our visibility as a brand. It is very gratifying to be among some important Portuguese design brands. The support of the entire Minty Square team has been exemplary.

What are the expectations for this partnership?

TCS: Expectations are high, and we expect Minty Square to become a major sales channel for Lutreet. We believe in the value of partnerships and joint efforts: this is how we see this collaboration.