Muriëlle van Schaik's 215k Instagram followers are the most travelled and stylish ones. The Dutch content creator loves to dress up and travel the world – the list of recent destinations includes luxury stops in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and in the Netherlands. In the meantime, Muriëlle writes for her online magazine and runs an art gallery with her family.

The Dutch beauty has recently discovered Minty Square and it was love at first sight, as she told our editorial team in a recent interview where she talks about the art of posting, the digital world pros and the future.

MS: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became an influencer?

M: I don't really like the word “influencer”, it makes you seem more important than you are! Nevertheless, I started three and a half years ago with posting my pictures on Instagram every single day. I was trying to learn more about photography and fashion. I wanted to create my own kind of art. Art has always been important to me because I grew up with it. My father owns an art gallery in the Netherlands, Van Schaik Art Gallery. I studied law at the University of Utrecht and worked at a lawyer's office, however that really bored me. So, I decided that I wanted to create my own kind of 'art', on Instagram.

MS: Where do you picture yourself in five years?

M: I see myself doing a lot of new and bigger things for the art gallery together with my father and brother. Besides that, I will keep creating content because that's just my biggest hobby and I'll probably be a better photographer by that time. And... hopefully, I'll have a little family of my own.

MS: How did you get to know about Minty Square and what do you think about the platform?

M: My friend sent me a link of the Minty Square website via Whatsapp. “Check this out! They got cool stuff!”. And indeed, Minty Square have a looooot of cool stuff. I love it!

MS: What do you love about the digital world and the way you can reach people anywhere in the world?

M: Personally, I love the fact that you easily can get inspired by other people around the world and inspire them as well. For instance, through all kinds of social media platforms. Every day I find new creative people and brands, amazing destinations and beautiful art on apps like Instagram and Pinterest.
As the world never stops spinning Muriëlle is already in Madrid, Spain, after a trip to Tuscany, Italy, and for this trip the content creator has two special companions: our brands Fabiana Baumann and Mel Jewel – as you can see in the pictures she shared with us!

Be inspired and follow Muriëlle Instagram account to travel without passport – you just need internet connection!