Founded in 2016 by Anton Jurina and based in Berlin, Maison Héroïne is a luxury Business Handbags brand. Inspired by the old and classic briefcase, Maison Heroïne’s handbags were designed for the multifaceted women – it is not by chance that Héroïne means “female hero” in French. In fact, the brand believes this is the spirit of the modern women: elegant and stylish, but with a busy life. “These women are the heroes of every day” – says Anton Jurina, founder, and CEO of Maison Héroïne – “and we designed these handbags just for them”.

But what makes these bags remarkable and so distinct? “Our bags are designed to complement the modern women’s lifestyle: they’re made in Italy out of Italian leather, to be durable and resistant and, mainly, to meet their daily work demands”, explains Anton.

With a clean design, they are perfect for a business entrepreneur woman. Multiple compartments to store all the essentials, patch pockets for phones and accessories , business card holders, a zip pocket for valuables and a padded slot for the personal computer make Maison Héroïne bags the safest choice for digital devices and female essentials.
The design and elegance turns these bags into timeless products, made to be used with ease and effortlessness, suitable for business, but also for a more glamorous day, once the contemporary woman is looking for sophistication, without losing the functionality.

“The market is shifting and demands high-quality and solution-oriented products. Women aren’t looking for the «status bag» anymore, they want a timeless bag, suitable not only for work but also for special occasions, so they’re always elegant and ready to whatever happens on a busy day”, says the founder. This need of useful but distinctive bags – the “functional chic” – is the reason why Maison Héroïne was born, to help women face everyday challenges, without compromising on grace and style.

Despite being a Berlin-based brand, Maison Heroïne bags are designed and made in Milan and Venice, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards. The core team, however, is in the capital of Germany, where young creatives work every day together with experienced entrepreneurs to take the brand as further as possible, “beyond the conventional luxury”.
“We’re striving to put the feminine identity into our bags and to amplify a greater sense of female empowerment and grace, as we always say” - that’s how Anton describes his team’s work.

At MINTY Square you can find two of the three Maison Heroïne’s collection models: Marlene and Tilda. Both combine the contemporary and elegant design with a classic aesthetic. Marlene collection is perfect for the busy work days while Tilda, a collection with a cross-body design, is the right choice for a night out or day off.