It all started when two friends – and entrepreneurs on the rise – travelled to Brazil in an Erasmus program. In Rio de Janeiro city, back in 2011, Pedro Sousa and Rui Ronchoa started Oibiquini brand. Four years later, Pedro and Rui changed the brand’s name to Oiôba.

Today, every piece of Oiôba’s swimwear is made in Portugal and the brand does the mouldings and the patterns in-house. Offering a swimwear and a fitness line, Oiôba’s collection includes one-pieces and bikinis, as well as tops, leggings and jumpsuits.

For this summer, Oiôba has a fresh collection, with free, light and natural pieces. «We have introduced seven artistic collaborations to create a more global and experimental vision», the brand’s founders explain us. «The main goal is not to follow, but to create trends», they continue.

The Oiôba’s memorable campaigns are frequently complemented with events that the brand’s founders believe that can help to improve brand awareness.
«We want to grow slow, step by step, keeping our feet on the ground, and to grow a portfolio that could help us fight the seasonality of swimwear», Pedro Sousa and Rui Ronchoa add.

At the end of the day, Oiôba is a cultural movement. Get to know Minty Square’s newest member and spread the good vibes.