Minty Square (MS): Is jewellery attracting new Portuguese talent? What’s changing in this traditional sector?

Fátima Santos (FS): We usually say that the Portuguese jewellery is coming out of its shell. It is in fact, a sector with great tradition attached, which for many decades was based on the perfectionism of the art: the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship techniques and the attention to detail. However, nowadays, we are witnessing the emerging of new designers, who combine this traditional know-how with new concepts and creative languages, which leads to the opening of new paths for the jewellery sector.

MS: What is the Portuguese Jewellery Newborn and why was it created?

FS: Portuguese Jewellery Newborn is a platform that promotes new designers. We identify brands and designers who meet the criteria of creativity, identity and innovation, and we develop several initiatives to give them national and international visibility. The aim is to promote designers and new talent, but also to encourage synergies and sharing experiences between them, which is fundamental for their own development.

MS: How is the AORP supporting new designers to grow in the national and international jewellery market?

FS: The platform is a dynamic and open project sharing a collective foundation, meaning that it is always based on joint campaigns among the brands. We’re talking about showcases, media presentations, national and international events and partnerships with retailers.
We want the platform to be seen as a launch pad for these new designers, allowing them to network and build a relationship with other professionals, which is fundamental in this business stage.

MS: How many designers are already supported by the project and who are these "newborn"? How would you characterize their work?

FS: Currently, the platform promotes about 30 brands, but this number is in permanent change. The aim is to provide the initial boost they need, to make these designers follow their own path.
What is interesting among these designers is their different DNA, demonstrated in their brand concept and product approach. Even though the basic principles of traditional Jewellery are the same, they introduce new creative languages, textures, materials and inspirations. And this is exactly what we want to encourage by showing the versatility of the Portuguese jewellery and how it can be recreated by each designer. This heterogeneity comes from their background and education. Some have backgrounds in design related areas, such as architecture, and the fine arts, but other come from less obvious areas such as history or math. Another interesting feature is that almost every designer produces their own jewellery, giving a very personal signature to each piece. It’s also important to mention that each designer, from the very beginning, has a strong concern with their brand identity, communication and, above all, their global vision of his business: the sky is the limit.

MS: What events and initiatives can we expect from the Portuguese Jewellery Newborn in the future?

FS: The dynamism of the platform is developed not only by AORP, but also by the designers and the market itself. Therefore, we are open to fresh ideas and challenges, keeping in mind the collective promotion. For now, we are very excited about this partnership with Minty Square.

MS: How did the partnership with Minty Square appeared and how does the brand add value to the Portuguese Jewellery Newborn and its designers?

FS: The partnership with Minty Square was launched with the purposed of projecting the Portuguese Jewellery Newborn label, creating a specific area on the platform.
Minty Square has stood out for its positioning in fashion and design world, with a careful selection of brands and a very interesting approach to the market. Therefore, we are confident that this is a golden opportunity to promote designers and the Portuguese Jewellery worldwide.