All Misci’s collections are inspired by books and have three important pillars: local sourcing, slow fashion and a deep respect for the animal life and the environment. For spring summer 2018 collection the inspiration was “Lost Lake” by Sara Addison Allen, and was named “Amalia”. Offering feminine pieces such as long and mid length dresses, blouses with delicate bows and shirts with Swarovski crystals in a black, white, rose and blue pallet.

The artisanal techniques of crochet and macramé are the highlights for spring summer 2018 symbolizing the cultural legacy transmitted from grandmothers to their granddaughters and appearing in tops and blouses, long and mid length dresses.

Looks with crochet and macramé techniques have texture, dimension and movement and are a romantic, ultrafeminine – and a little bohemian – style statement. With Misci it’s always a mix of concepts, materials and styles.

According to Izilda Garcia, the womenswear brand’s founder, the name Misci comes from the Latin word “miscível”, meaning “mixing”, and it’s related to Misci’s DNA: a mix of tradition and modernity, hands versus machines, an intersection of global and local concepts.